Purchasing and Preparation

White Feather

We recommend thorough research to ensure you make the best decision to suit your needs.
OCHF professionals are at your disposal to guide you through this process.

White Feather

There are three types of installation methods used for hardwoods:
1. Floated
2. Glued
3. Nailed or stapled

Certain types of wood may require specific preparations and installation methods; we will guide
you in that as you make your decision.

Installation considerations:
● sub-flooring preparation
● conditions of job site
● type of wood being installed

It is critical that hardwoods are stored in appropriate climatic conditions while awaiting
installation. The area should be clean and dry, and the temperature should be controlled
specifically for the storage of hardwoods. The temperature should be as close to the normal living
conditions as possible. Relative Humidity should be 30% year- round. Failure to do that can cause a flooring system breakdown and compromise manufacturer warranties.

OCHF will recommend delivery of the product ten days prior to installation to allow the wood to
acclimate sufficiently.

Areas of your home such as basements or bathrooms might be inappropriate for hardwood
flooring because of exposure to moisture. Kitchens, bedrooms and family areas are great for
wood flooring because wood fares well in high traffic areas and will naturally enhance any

If you have questions about the area where you intend to install a wood floor, consult an OCHF
professional to be sure you’re making the right choice.