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There are three types of installation methods used for hardwoods:

  • Floated – Layers of plywood or other type of wood beneath the main wood flooring.

  • Glued – Involves the use of adhesives.

  • Nailed or stapled – Use when installing engineered or solid woods.

Certain types of wood may require that a specific installation method be used, and it’s best to know that before making a decision. Besides the actual installation procedure, there are other considerations to make – such as sub-flooring preparation, conditions of your job site and the type of wood being installed. Old Country Flooring professionals will take care of the step-by-step procedures for installing a hardwood floor and provide you with the best professional suggestions.


Whether you’re installing a hardwood floor yourself or hiring a professional contractor, you should know the preparation requirements necessary for the type of hardwood that you’ve chosen. Sub floor preparation is extremely important before installing any type of hardwood. For example, if you are installing a solid wood such as cherry, the best installation method is nailed or stapled. A concrete sub floor would be unsuitable for solid wood flooring. Carpet and vinyl are also inappropriate surfaces to install any type of wood flooring on, whether solid or engineered. Unsuitable flooring must be removed before hardwoods are installed or serious problems might result.


Hardwoods should be stored in appropriate climactic conditions while awaiting installation. The area should be clean and dry and the temperature should be controlled specifically for the storage of hardwoods.

If your hardwood flooring will be installed above radiant heating, remember to turn on the heating before the installation of the floor begins. This will ensure that there is no moisture left on the slab that could enter and damage the hardwood.

Since hardwoods are prone to expand and contract with varying temperatures, be sure that the wood you choose meets the standards for installing over a radiant heating system.

Areas of your home such as basements or bathrooms might be inappropriate for hardwood flooring because of exposure to moisture. Kitchens, bedrooms and family areas are great for wood flooring because wood fares well in high traffic areas and will naturally enhance any décor.

Purchasing a beautiful hardwood floor requires educating yourself about all aspects of hardwoods from types and finishes of wood to install and maintaining it afterward. If you have questions about the area where you intend to install a wood floor, consult a OCF professional to be sure you’re making the right choice.

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