White Feather

The exceptional standards we hold ourselves to at Old Country Hardwood Flooring have resulted in two NWFA Floor of the Year Awards in the Expert division.

White Feather

The finishing products we use create lasting beauty and require minimal maintenance. The right finish will protect your wood flooring from wear, dirt, and moisture while giving it an attractive colour and sheen. Most wood floors are finished with a stain and topcoat, as there are a wide variety of finishes, each with its own benefits and appearance.

The finish of choice for the OCHF crew is Surface Home Finishing Products. Surface finishes are durable, quick drying, water-resistant, and require minimal maintenance. They are a blend of low VOC synthetic resins and remain on the surface of the wood that form a protective coating. Their durability makes them appropriate for an easy to clean kitchen floor. Water- based finishes and dustless sanding available. 

Surfaces available:

  • High-Gloss

  • Satin

  • Matte

Things you should not expect from a wood floor finish

  • A tabletop finish

  • Dust-free finish

  • A monochromatic floor

  • A floor that will not indent

  • A floor without cracks